Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Downloading of Patches Via BEA Smart Update no more supported

You need to apply a one-off patch to Weblogic. You run the script and try launching the BEA Smart Update. The Smart Update on launch recommends for an update. You go ahead and update it. The Smart Update now restarts and the you see the version of the utility to be Yo try to find the Download patch tab, but surprisingly don't find it! You restart the BSU and wonder what went wrong!

Do not worry!

Smart Update patch and patch set download capability has been decommissioned by Oracle since June 10, 2011.Oracle says to better coordinate the distribution of patches to Oracle customers, they would consolidate on My Oracle Support as the single source for patch delivery([Metalink ID 1294294.1] ).

Hence you would now  need to download the Weblogic one-off patches from metalink from the patches and Updates section using your metalink ID.

How to Locate and Download Patches for WebLogic Server Using My Oracle Support
  1. Log onto My Oracle Support.
  2. Click on the "Patches & Updates" tab.
  3. Click on "Product or Family" (Advanced Search)
  4. For the "Product is" choose Oracle WebLogic Server.
  5. For the "Release is" choose the WebLogic Server releases you want to search on
  6. For "Description contains" type in your Smart Update Patch ID (in this case 8DNU)
  7. Hit Search.
For step by step screen shots on how to download WLS patch please follow metalink note: 

Master Note: How to Locate and Download Patches for WebLogic Server Using My Oracle Support [ID 1302053.1]

Also you can refer to
WebLogic Net Installers and Downloading of Patches Via Smart Update To Be Decommissioned [ID 1294294.1] 



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