Friday, September 23, 2011

Configure Transaction Timeout for BPEL on SOA 11g

Applies to:

Oracle SOA Platform - Version: to - 


During runtime you may be seeing errors in the log similar to the following:

The transaction was rolled back
Transaction Rolledback.: weblogic.transaction.internal.TimedOutException: Transaction timed out

The solution is typically to increase the transaction timeout for the process.  


As a general rule, you should keep the following relation between the timeout parameters:

syncMaxWaitTime < BPEL EJB's transaction timeout < Global Transaction Timeout
Note: This recommendation are ONLY applicable to Sync Processes. Additionally the default Timeout setting that comes with SOA 11g installation does not comply with this rule. You might need to adjust the setting according to your particular business needs.

1. Setting syncMaxWaitTime:

This property controls the maximum time the process result receiver will wait for a result before returning for Sync processes.

For SOA 11g R1 PS1 ( to
* Login into EM
* Expand SOA and right click on "soa-infra" and select: SOA Administration -> BPEL Properties
* Click on "More BPEL Configuration Properties..." link
* Locate syncMaxWaitTime and change it.

-- Alternative Method -- For SOA 11g R1 ( ONLY:
* Take backup of bpel-config.xml, located at: /user_projects/domains//config/soa-infra/configuration/.
* Open the bpel-config.xml file.
* Edit the value for the syncMaxWaitTime property.
* Save the changes.
* Restart Oracle WebLogic Server.

Note: Since, bpel-config.xml is no longer available into the file system and therefore the only chance for modification is through EM Console.

2. Setting the transaction timeout for BPEL EJBs:

The timeout properties for the EJBs control the particular timeout setting for the SOA application, overriding the global setting specified by the JTA timeout (See step 3).

Note: Prior implement next steps, ensure to shutdown SOA managed server. Otherwise you will get errors, see following document for details Note 1271369.1

* Log into Oracle WebLogic Administration Console.
* Click Deployments.
* Expand soa-infra -> EJBs.
* Following EJBs need to be updated:
* You can change the parameter in the Configuration tab for the Transaction Timeout setting.
* Click Save.
* Save the Plan.xml to some known location
* Start SOA Managed Server

3. Setting the global transaction timeout at Weblogic Domain Level:

This property controls the transaction timeout seconds for active transactions. If the transaction is still in the "active" state after this time, it is automatically rolled back.

   * Log into Oracle WebLogic Administration Console.
   * Click Services -> JTA.
   * Change the value of Timeout Seconds (the default is 30).
   * Click Save.
   * Restart Oracle WebLogic Server.


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