Thursday, January 19, 2012

Fusion Middleware 11g Admin Interview Questions Part 1

Lately I have been asked to publish some FMW 11g Administration questions for interviews. Based on my interview experiences I am jotting down some. I would expect you all to add some more questions and answers to the comment section: Also let me know if that helps.

1. Define SOA and how do you explain it to a layman.
2. Deferentiate SOA from Oracle SOA Suite.
3. Define relation between Oracle SOA Suite and Weblogic.
4. Functional differences between Fusion EM console and WLS Admin console.
5. List some key Fusion Middleware 11g products and their usage in brief.
6. Key difference between Oracle SOA Suite 10g and 11g.
7. Define key components/building blocks/basic architecture of Oracle SOA Suite.
8. Explain concept of domains,admin,managed server in Weblogic.
9. Explain basic functionality of Application Servers eg WLS,OAS,Websphere.
10.Difference between Weblogic Development and Production mode.
11. Explain Node Manager in Weblogic.
12. Key functionality of Nodemanager.
13. What are the different types of nodemanager.
14. What is the default port number of nodemanager.
15. Mention the path for Nodemanager home.
16. Explain some properties present in file.
17. Is Nodemanager setup mandatory in a standalaone WLS installation.
18. Is nodemanager setup mandatory in a clustered WLS environment. If not what are the demerits.
19. Explain the functionalities of Nodemanager in a clustered WLS environment.
20. Explain the term managed Server Independence mode.
21. Can I start a managed server even if Admin server is down.
22. Can I make configurational changes to managed server if admin server is down.
23. Explain significance of admin server in a WLS domain.
24. Why do you think Oracle recommends not to deploy applications to Admin server in production environments.
25. Explain different ways of starting or stopping WLS Admin/managed server.
26. What is config.xml. Where can I find it.
27. You deployed a faulty code to Admin server which brought it down. You are not able to restart it.How would you undeploy the faulty piece of code then?
28. How do I clear cache for a WLS managed/Admin server.
29. What is meant by datasource.
30. Explain how would you tune a datasource and apply some best practices to it.
31. Explain difference between multicast and unicast IP.
32. Explain hardware requirement for a WLS 2 node cluster.
33. How do you configure OHS/Apache web server for a 2 node WLS cluster?
34. Explain basic steps for SSL configuration in WLS.
35. Explain JVM concept and detailed architecture.
36. What is the function of Permanent Generation (PermGen) space.
37. Explain OOM errors and what are the different causes.
38. Explain Memory Leaks. Explain how would you detect it. state examples of some tools to analyze it.
39. What would be your approach if you are asked to tune JVM.
40. Explain some key Sun JVM startup/tuning arguments.
41. State some JVM tuning properties that you would use in a multi threaded box like the Oracle T series so as to improve JVM performance.
42. Explain Garbage Collection. State some GC algorithms you are aware of.
43. What is the Verbose GC option used for?
44. Explain what would you do to mimimise frequent major GC.
45. Explain difference between major and minor GC.

Let me know if above questions are helpful, I am currently working on some more questions...

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