Sunday, January 22, 2012

Scheduling BPEL Processes Using Quartz In SOA Suite 11g is not supported by Oracle !

I came across some blogs on that show how to Schedule BPEL Processes Using Quartz In SOA Suite 11g. As a admin I was never comfortable deploying the quartz scheduler application on the Admin server. Did some research on metalink and found the below note:

How Do You Schedule BPEL Processes Using Quartz In SOA Suite 11g [ID 942494.1]


How do you schedule BPEL processes through Quartz in SOA Suite 11g.

What you are attempting is not available via the standard functionality in the product.The application does not allow users to schedule BPEL processes through Quartz.Enhancement Request (ER) Bug 8927175 has been filed with Oracle Development. This ER will be reviewed and considered by Development for a future release. It will remain open until it is eitherincorporated into the product, or it is deemed not feasible.
So my view would be to check with Oracle how to proceed with this!!!

Let me know if you have Updates/Views...

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  1. Sanjay,

    This bug needs updating (working on that...). To summarize:
    1) You can find instructions on how to use Quartz to schedule 11g SOA composites (incl. BPEL) here: (this is posted on the Oracle SOA Suite page on OTN:
    2) For those using Oracle SOA Suite in the context of Oracle Fusion Applications: you can use the built-in scheduler, complete with GUI etc. Will probably bring this back in the core product in some future release.
    Hope this helps.

  2. Rubicon Red provide an out of the box scheduler for the Oracle SOA Suite, enabling you to schedule:

    - Execution of a synchronous web service
    - Execution of one way or two way asynchronous web service
    - Publication of an EDN event to the SOA Suite Event Delivery Network

    See for further details

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