Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Can SOA 11g be Installed With an XE database?

Can SOA 11g be installed with an XE database?  While running rcu.bat (RCU) for SOA Suite Installation, the installer did not accept the default Oracle XE Service Name with error "Cannot find XE Service Name To Complete RCU Configuration". 

Although XE is not officially supported, many people use it without any issue for development or test environments or demonstrations. But before installing and running the RCU utility, you need to change the DB parameters as follows:

$ORACLE_HOME/bin/sqlplus /nolog

SQL> connect sys/oracle as sysdba;
SQL> alter system set processes = 400 scope = spfile;
SQL> commit;
SQL> shutdown immediate

$ORACLE_HOME/bin/sqlplus /nolog

SQL> connect sys/oracle as sysdba;
SQL> startup
SQL> show parameter sessions
*** (make sure sessions is 225) ***
SQL> exit

For further reference please refer metalink id ID 1108487.1


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