Saturday, September 6, 2014

Commands to find out Allocated CPU/Memory on a Solaris Zone

With times changing servers have changed. With the advent of virtualization we have see bigger servers being virtualized into smaller servers and provided to admins for use. Have you heard about Solaris T2/T3/T4 or the newer ones like T4-4 machines. All of those machines have found out acceptance these days in organizations these days. These are mostly CMT servers which offer huge resources in terms of Memory and CPU. The UNIX Admins generally slice and dice these servers into smaller servers known as Zones and allocate certain amount of Memory.CPU to each such zone created out of the master box.

For Admins it might get a bit tricky to find out the Memory/CPU allocated on such zones. I am providing below commands which might help find out the resources assigned to Solaris zones!

For Finding CPU Shares Assigned use below command:

bash-3.00$ prctl -n zone.cpu-shares $$
process: 4352: bash
NAME    PRIVILEGE       VALUE    FLAG   ACTION                       RECIPIENT
        privileged         20       -   none                                 -
        system          65.5K     max   none                                 -

For Finding Memory Assigned to the Solaris Zone use below:

bash-3.00$ prctl -n zone.max-shm-memory $$
process: 4352: bash
NAME    PRIVILEGE       VALUE    FLAG   ACTION                       RECIPIENT
        privileged      2.73GB      -   deny                                 -
        system          16.0EB    max   deny                                 -

In case you want to be more descriptive with resources assigned to your zone use below command:

prctl $$

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  1. I'm not getting such exact information with above mentioned command,

    what is 10K there, instead of count, i'm looking on T5240 hardware.

    privileged 10.0K max none -
    system 65.5K max none -

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