Thursday, March 1, 2012

SOA 11g managed Server takes an hour to start on Oracle T Series machine

Recently I had some one asking me, that their SOA managed server took an hour to start. The instance in question had some 200 plus composites in it. On questioning about the platform they were on I came to know that they had the below configuration:

SOA Suite

Operating System: Solaris 10
(SunOS endenapp04 5.10 Generic_144488-07 sun4v sparc SUNW,SPARC-Enterprise-T5120)
Hardware: SUN SPARC T5120

Bingo !!! I got it right,

The machine they were on(T5120 or the T1 SUN Server) is a pathetic one and if your DB tier is on it it makes your situation even worse. I have worked on such machines and the experience are better forgotten. They are called The T Series machines belong to the CMT family of servers, which boast of supporting multi threaded applications well. Unfortunately single threaded applications like the DB run very poorly on them. For example on machines like the T5120 or T5240 running the RCU may take close to an hour, on M5000 it takes 10 minutes. With so many composites (remember the composites are loaded from Dehydrarion ie DB) your application will definitely take an hour or few minutes less than that to start

For tuning SOA 11g on T5140 check my post on my blog:

Don't expect to fly like rocket after you follow my post since you cannot win a F1 race when you are driving a cart. You may get a better performance some how.

See below note from Oracle which will give you enough proof of what i am talking about:
Weblogic: Performance Problems After Migrating From WLS 8.1 To WLS 10.3 And Moving To SUN Sparc T5240 With CMT Chips [ID 860459.1]
Poor Performance of SOA/OIM/WL/EM on Solaris 10 - SPARC T3 Server [ID 1361701.1]


Please propose a M5000 box for the Database Tier or upgrade the App and DB Tier to the newer version of T series ie T4. Oracle guarantees manifold performance improvements on T4 as compared to T1/T2/T3s.


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